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Interactive exploration, annotation and quantification of time-lapse images
Image Analysis Goals
To visualize and quantify 2D time-lapse datsets of muscles in
Drosophila metamorphosis. Tasks include generation of maximum
intensity projections (MIPs) of 3D confocal data, temporal alignment of
multiple time-lapse datsets, segmentation of muscles, annotation of
images and ROIs.
Biological Goal
To study muscle development in live Drosophila pupae during
metamorphosis (4-5 days), in particular the developmental atrophy of
abdominal muscles. The analysis of muscle wasting phenotypes is
carried out by interactive exploration and quantification of
morphological features.
Image Acquisition
Laser scanning confocal microscopy (Zeiss 5 Live)
Fluorescence Stereomicroscopy (Olympus Macrozoom)
- 3D time-lapse ICS datasets are converted to MIP time series
- Multipage TIFF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Time-lapse data are saved as individual files (TIF, JPEG, PNG),
montages (TIF, JPEG, PNG), multi-page TIFF
Operating Systems
Windows x86, x64,
Programming Language
C++ .NET
OpenCV (Open computer vision), libics 1.5 (library for open cytometry
standard), FreeImage
Chinta R, Tan JH, Wasser M (2012). The study of muscle remodeling
in Drosophila metamorphosis using in vivo microscopy and bioimage

Biological Discovery through
Quantitative Microscopy
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